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Advanced Management Solutions offers new capabilities for earned value analysis and reporting

Integration with C/S Solutions’ wInsight provides powerful cost/schedule performance analysis

Herndon, VA (November 10, 1999) - Advanced Management Solutions, a market leader in enterprise solutions for project, cost and resource management has announced a strategic alliance with C/S Solutions Inc to provide an integrated solution for cost/schedule performance management.

The solution is targeted at both commercial and government sectors who need to employ earned value management systems. This includes aerospace and defense companies, but also the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Energy, Department of Justice and other government agencies.

The combined solution of AMS REALTIME™ Projects and C/S Solutions’ wInsight™ enables project managers to deploy sophisticated earned value management solutions with low cost of ownership, due to all the capabilities being available in easy-to-use desktop tools. Project managers benefit from the earned value approach due to the disciplined planning conducted and the availability of metrics which show real variances from plan in order to generate necessary corrective actions. The solution enables organizations to comply with Federal Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria (C/SCSC) or Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) standards for their projects. Organizations can also gain an essential view into the full life cycle and historical revisions of a multi-contract management environment, with full reporting and real-time analysis capability.

AMS REALTIME Projects offers powerful features for planning and scheduling individual or multiple projects, enabling program and summary level schedules to reflect detailed task schedules. Unlike other scheduling systems, AMS REALTIME Projects also offers integrated cost management capabilities including sophisticated resource costing, support for business accounting calendars, earned value algorithms, detailed insight into costs via Elements of Cost and flexible algorithms for rollup of progress. Sales, Vice President of Marketing with Advanced Management Solutions commented, "Our major clients have benefited from reductions of over 75% in the effort required to re-plan major contracts using AMS REALTIME Projects, due to the integration of cost and schedule data in one tool."

C/S Solutions’ wInsight provides sophisticated performance measurement, reporting and analysis, and allows performance information to be shared with distributed project teams over the Web. "C/S Solutions focuses on analyzing and presenting performance data so cost/schedule professionals and project managers can make timely business decisions," stated Gary W. Troop, president C/S Solutions, Inc. "The integration of wInsight and AMS REALTIME Projects will give customers a powerful solution for earned value management to meet the most demanding needs."

Sales commented further, "For the first time customers have a complete earned value management system in easy to use desktop products. This makes it easier to deploy across large organizations and reduces cost of ownership. This is great news for customers as they implement earned value management techniques and systems across their enterprise."

The integrated solution will be available on limited release in December 1999 with general availability in Q1 2000. For more information contact Advanced Management Solutions at 800 397 6829 or

About Advanced Management Solutions
Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) provides innovative project and resource management software together with implementation services that enables organizations to effectively plan and control their work, time and resources in real time. The AMS REALTIME™ products are employed by many of the world’s leading companies to ensure effective project delivery while optimizing use of labor, funds and other resources.

AMS REALTIME products are widely recognized for providing a powerful combination of functionality, flexibility, usability and extremely high performance. Designed for enterprise-wide implementation, the software can support hundreds or even thousands of users without sacrificing performance. The AMS REALTIME products run on Oracle and are ODBC compliant. The products are cross-platform compatible across Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, NT and 3.x, Linux, Apple Macintosh® and UNIX, providing a consistent look-and-feel to all users and allowing seamless data interchange. Web-based publishing and timesheets are provided to support users wherever they are around the world. The AMS REALTIME products also integrate with Microsoft Project and ERP systems, providing a single repository of all project and resource data across the enterprise.

More information about Advanced Management Solutions is available via the World Wide Web at Alternatively, call or e-mail Sales on 909 793 0111;

About C/S Solutions, Inc.
C/S Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1993, and is the leading producer of integrated analytical tools for earned value, schedule and risk management. C/SSI tools engage Integrated Product Development team members and/or Control Account Managers in proactive cost, schedule and risk management of complex programs. The tool set includes Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT-based desktop versions, as well as Web-based components to share data via an intranet or the Internet. Customers who use C/SSI products include the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, ARPA, Federal Aviation Administration, the Australian Department of Defense, and industry users world-wide including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, AlliedSignal, TRW, Hughes, Parsons, British Aerospace, Northrop Grumman and many others. More information about C/S Solutions and its products is available via the World Wide Web:

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