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Advanced Management Solutions announces AMS REALTIME Version 5.1

New version improves support for enterprise-wide management of projects and resources

Herndon, VA – Feb 3, 1999 - Advanced Management Solutions has announced significant new developments in their AMS REALTIME product suite designed to support companies looking to get an integrated view of all work, including projects of all sizes together with operational work.

AMS REALTIME is a suite of products designed to help companies effectively manage projects across their enterprise by providing multi-project management, resource management and timesheet capabilities. The latest release of AMS REALTIME provides major new features to make the goal of a consistent approach to planning and controlling work across the enterprise a reality. Major corporations using AMS REALTIME include Motorola, Pfizer, Boeing, NASA and Lockheed Martin.

AMS REALTIME Version 5.1 provides:

  • powerful new functionality for project management, program management, cost management, resource management and effort tracking
  • storage of all project components, including data and files such as plans, reports and specifications, directly to an Oracle™ database providing a single container for accessing project information. All project data can be managed using an intuitive graphical interface supporting actions such as drag and drop, recycle bin, cut, copy and paste
  • a repository with a sophisticated object oriented design, reflecting the development direction of Oracle technology. This technology provides improved manageability, an established framework for extension and, most importantly, the flexibility for future change
  • a repository for Microsoft Project plans, ensuring a consistent approach to planning and tracking is applied across all projects
  • enhancements to ODBC support to provide smoother and higher performance integration with any ODBC-compliant system
  • internet/web access to provide time sheets to book effort on project and non-project work
  • web-based publishing of reports using PDF format to allow for easy browsing and printing of the complex multi-page documents characteristic of project reporting
  • a suite of application programming interfaces to enable comprehensive and robust integration of project and resource management systems with other business systems such as Oracle Applications, SAP R/3 and PeopleSoft.

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