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Advanced Management Solutions announces support for Microsoft Project 2000

Integrated solution delivers enterprise-wide project, cost and resource management at all levels of an organization

Las Vegas, NV (November 15, 1999) - Advanced Management Solutions announced today that its AMS REALTIME enterprise project and resource management suite now provides integration with Microsoft Project 2000.

Microsoft Project 2000 was announced this week by Steve Ballmer, President of Microsoft, at COMDEX in Las Vegas. AMS REALTIME offers a broad range of functionality that supports organizations using Microsoft Project as a key part of their information system for managing projects, resources and all work flowing through the organization. AMS REALTIME includes:
  1. A central repository for project plans with role-based security
  2. Central resource definitions and availability information shared across all Microsoft Project users via the unique Workforce Browser™
  3. Project portfolio and program management capabilities
  4. High-level decision support and reporting for staff and executives at all levels of the organization
  5. Integrated timesheets to automatically update status of plans. Individuals receive one timesheet to book time across multiple Microsoft Project plans as well as non-project work
  6. Resource management capabilities (including resource requesting and allocation) to support organizations with a matrix structure
  7. Resource capacity planning and skills modeling across the enterprise
  8. Support for Earned Value Management, including C/SCSC
  9. Integration with ERP systems

Functionality is provided to Microsoft Project 2000 users simply via an additional ‘Enterprise’ menu. Microsoft Project 2000 users do not need to learn a new tool to integrate their data with the enterprise data repository.

AMS REALTIME runs on Windows 95-, Windows 98-, Windows NT- and Windows 2000-based desktops as well as Windows NT- and Windows 2000-based servers. Data can be stored in Microsoft SQL Server as well as other SQL databases. AMS REALTIME is ODBC compliant and Microsoft Office is often used in conjunction with AMS REALTIME to provide data analysis and reporting as well as other capabilities. Users can also access AMS REALTIME via the web for publishing and reporting, time booking, project collaboration, and data administration. Support for Microsoft Project 98 is also provided.

Todd Warren, general manager of the Microsoft Project Business Unit at Microsoft Corp., commented "AMS REALTIME with Microsoft Project 2000 offers customers a complete solution for project and resource management. Working with Advanced Management Solutions helps ensure our customers can easily and quickly deploy comprehensive project management solutions based on Microsoft Project 2000 across their enterprise."

Sales, Vice President of Marketing with Advanced Management Solutions, commented "For the first time, users can gain the benefits of Microsoft Project 2000 tightly integrated with an enterprise program, cost and resource management solution. We are delighted to join Microsoft in announcing this milestone in the industry".

The solution will be available on limited release in December 1999 with general availability in Q1 2000.

Microsoft Project users are seamlessly integrated with the enterprise project and resource management system simply via an additional menu.

The unique AMS REALTIME Workforce Browser gives Microsoft Project users direct access to the company resource directory, ensuring consistent resource definitions and enterprise-wide visibility of capacity.

About Advanced Management Solutions
Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) provides innovative project and resource management software together with implementation services that enables organizations to effectively plan and control their work, time and resources in real time. The AMS REALTIME™ products are employed by many of the world’s leading companies to ensure effective project delivery while optimizing use of labor, funds and other resources.

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