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ICL Chooses AMS REALTIME Software for Enterprise-wide Project Environment

Strategic Global Agreement to support a common set of methods throughout the organization

Herndon, VA (May 25, 1999) - Advanced Management Solutions, a market leader in solutions for enterprise project and resource management, has announced a strategic global agreement with ICL to provide a world-wide license for AMS REALTIME™ software. The agreement includes AMS REALTIME software for project and program management, resource management and effort tracking across ICL as well as implementation, consulting and training services.

ICL is a global IT services company whose headquarters is in London. It designs, builds and operates information systems and services for customers in the retail, finance, government, telecoms, utilities and travel markets. The company has operations in over 40 countries and employs over 22,500 people.

"This is a strategic, ongoing relationship", said Clive Fenton, ICL’s Director of Technical Strategy when commenting on the reasons behind the adoption of the new enterprise-wide solution for project and resource management. "Most importantly, AMS will be a crucial element of IESE, our Integrated Engineering Support Environment being announced in June 1999."

IESE is a major change program being undertaken by ICL in order to introduce a common set of methods and supporting tools throughout the organization.

ICL currently uses multiple systems for project management. ICL is already using AMS REALTIME Projects on its largest Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract but Microsoft Project and Project Workbench are used elsewhere.

Mike Ward, a senior project manager in ICL responsible for defining and introducing the tools for ICL’s Project Managers commented on the reasons behind the selection of AMS REALTIME, "We recognized the need to standardize on just one system. Another major factor is that we need more accurate and objective information around project status and risk across the business, not just looking at individual projects in isolation. AMS REALTIME was chosen because it is capable of providing ICL with this visibility across the organization."

Colin Weir, UK Operations Director, commented "ICL’s approach reflects that of leading organizations adopting enterprise-wide project and resource management. ICL is focussing on the needs of the whole organization, not just individual functions, and is addressing the information needs of managers and staff at all levels."

ICL went through a thorough investigation of alternative solutions and performed a lengthy pilot to assess the suitability of the AMS REALTIME solution. The implementation rollout will initially focus on the UK. AMS REALTIME will be deployed on Microsoft Windows 95 and NT platforms and as part of the implementation will be i integrated with Oracle Project Accounting and ICL’s in-house Resource Management System.

About ICL
ICL is a global IT services company. It designs, builds and operates information systems and services for customers in the retail, finance, government, telecoms, utilities and travel markets. The company has operations in over 40 countries and employs over 22,500 people. Transformed from a manufacturer of computers, today ICL improves business performance and competitiveness through services focused on electronic business, enterprise applications and the implementation and outsourcing of IT infrastructure.

In 1997 the company’s revenues were £2.477 billion generating a profit before tax of £30.0 million. Headquartered in London, ICL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu and plans to float on the London Stock Exchange in 2000.

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Telephone no. +44 (0) 1753 555161

About Advanced Management Solutions
Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) provides innovative project and resource management software together with implementation services that enables organizations to effectively plan and control their work, time and resources in real time. The AMS REALTIME™ products are employed by many of the world’s leading companies to ensure effective project delivery while optimizing use of labor, funds and other resources.

AMS REALTIME products are widely recognized for providing a powerful combination of functionality, flexibility, usability and extremely high performance. Designed for enterprise-wide implementation, the software can support hundreds or even thousands of users without sacrificing performance. The AMS REALTIME products are ODBC compliant and are cross-platform compatible across Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, NT and 3.x, Apple Macintosh® and UNIX, providing a consistent look-and-feel to all users and allowing seamless data interchange. Web-based publishing and timesheets are provided to support users wherever they are around the world. The AMS REALTIME products also integrate with Oracle and Microsoft Project, providing a single repository of all project data across the enterprise.

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